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Alma Fest Stage Manager's Letter: 2007

Hello, my name is Ellwood Chip Barrett. I am a harmonica player and live in Mosquito Gulch, just outside of Alma, Colorado. I have also been the stage manager for the Alma Foundation’s Festival in the Clouds for the last nine years. Alma sits on the shoulder of the continental divide, over on the far left side of Park County, and is the highest town in the country; literally and possibly figuratively. Above 10,000 feet, one needs a creative mind, so there’s little wonder Alma is home to quite a few musicians, artists and writers.

Alma’s Festival in the Clouds is a two-day free music and art show which takes place at our town park. Proceeds from t-shirt and beer sales benefit the Alma Foundation. This year (2007) will be the tenth annual on July 21st and 22nd.

The stage and music have evolved over the years; from a flatbed truck and a couple of amps to the very cool stage, built by the local musicians. The sound and light systems are provided by Central Colorado Sound.

The Festival in the Clouds is an entirely volunteer effort and everybody has a good time. Our stage crew is amazing and comprised of members of our local bands, and we have a blast helping to showcase 18-20 or so bands every year. Of course every year it rains, but we play on ‘cause every year there is a rainbow, and we’re high energy, independent, creative, and for the most part, waterproof.

Several recordings have been made; the most comprehensive being done the very first year. That album is available here. The time slots fill up fast. We try to give bigger bands a little more time. During set changes we keep it live with individual and duo singer songwriters, poets, and announcements. At every Festival in the Clouds someone from the crowd has approached me and asked to perform and then blew the crowd away, so we appreciate that for sure.

Anyway, that’s a little about Alma Festival in the Clouds music, we’re just a little mountain town, full of musicians playing our tunes. Come join us for a weekend of music, art and fun. If you have questions regarding the music, contact the Alma Foundation at

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