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The Alma Foundation's
Eighteenth Annual Festival In The Clouds
Alma, Colorado

Saturday & Sunday, July 18 - 19, 2015

Continuous Live Music
Fine Arts & Handmade Crafts
Gems & Minerals
Delicious Food & Drink

Updates coming soon. Once again a great time is brewing.


As of 5/09/2015. Subject to change.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Bristlecone Performing Arts Center for Children - Very popular last year

11:00am Savannah Raskiewicz - Youthful inspiration
11:30am Sara Naylor - More youthful inspiration
12:00pm Cody Wayne - A unique combination of music and art. Site
12:45pm Announcements
1:00pm The Constant Tourists - Second-time appearance in Alma. We're glad they're back. Site
2:00pm LoJo Russo - She's helped make the festival what it is. One of the most popular performers at the festival ever. Site
2:50pm Announcements
3:00pm Alma’s Only Belly Dancers - A once-a-year extravaganza, not to be missed.
3:30pm Split Window - Groovy like a 69 VW bus. Country like a 49 Chevy pickup.
4:20pm Announcements
4:30pm Bryan Ranney - Special treat from St. Louis.
5:00pm Stonebrakers - Authentic music artistry and a wildly good time. get out the hula hoops for this awesome Conifer jam band. Site

Brett Dooley - Formerly of Whiskey Treats.

6:40pm Sister Agnes - Progressive power jam from the Pocono Mountains.
7:45pm Moose - Harmonica playing singer-songwriter from Breckenridge. Long-time favorite.

Guy of Iron - Songs of love and peace.

8:15pm Crazy Otto - They kept on dancing and the music never stopped. Site

Sunday, July 19, 2015
9:30am Leftovers from the campground
10:00am Gladyys Kravitzz featuring Rmac and the Knockers - What has been seen cannot be unseen. Site
11:00am J.L. McGhee - Finger-picking acoustic guitar and fine harmonies, all the way from Georgia. Site
11:30am Josh Galvin - Long-time musical craftsman plying his trade tirelessly.
12:00pm S.A.S.S. - Sweet Alma Soul Sisters.
12:45pm Announcements
1:00pm Black Hole Express - Get on the train to nowhere.
1:45pm Announcements
2:00pm Dean Misantoni - One of the best left-handed guitarists in Alma, the people's favorite.
2:45pm Announcements
3:00pm Bottoms Up Blues Gang - Oh no, not again. Oh yes, again. Let the good times roll. Site
3:45pm Announcements
4:00pm The Kevin Danzig Band - Smile,Kick up some dust and dance. Site
4:45pm Announcements

Backyard Berserker - The downtown Alma sound. Closing it down. Peace!

*** Schedule subject to minor changes. More updates soon! See you there!

Sound and light provided by Leo & Pete, Buena Vista, Colorado.

For more information call the Alma Town Hall at (719) 836-2712.

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