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The Alma Foundation's
Thirteenth Annual Festival In The Clouds
Alma, Colorado

Saturday & Sunday, July 17 - 18, 2010

Continuous Live Music
Fine Arts & Handmade Crafts
Gems & Minerals
Delicious Food & Drink

Updates coming soon. Once again a great time is brewing.


Saturday, July 17, 2010
10:00am Ian Gannon - Star Spangled Banner
10:05am Julian and Dave - Traditional Festival Openers
10:30am I Ran With Scissors - South Park High School Rockers
11:00am Steve Weeks - Nationally-acclaimed childrens' musician...
11:30am Dale Allen Robertson - Esoteric Favorite
12:00pm Darn Thirsty Cowboys - Louisiana blues
12:30pm Josh Galvin - Colorado singer-songwriter
1:00pm Rocky Mountain Slim - His own take on the blues
1:30pm Amy and the Rock Sisters - Sweet harmony acoustic bluegrass
2:05pm Announcements: Greased Beaver Rasslin'
2:15pm The O'Smiths - Like the O'Jays but better
3:00pm Announcements
3:15pm Jimbo Merrill - Sensitive spiritual singer-songwriter from New Mexico
4:00pm Christof Brownell - One-man band from New Mexico. Must be seen to be believed.
4:45pm Old Soul
5:30pm Richie Parsons - The maestro of the Bistro.
6:00pm Old Dogs with New Tricks - Blues and rhythm & blues from Denver
6:50pm Gordon Kinney - Official inter-missionary from New Mexico
7:00pm Vindicators - Blues from south Denver
7:50pm Kevin Danzig - His worldwide tour makes a stop in Alma
8:00pm TMR - Classic rock
8:50pm Guy of Iron - Experience not to be missed
9:00pm Tjaar - The new sound of Rocky Mountain music from Carbondale

Sunday, July 18, 2010
10:00am Mike Royer - The festival's travelling ambassador returns with friends from afar
11:00am Doug Pintar with the Pine Street Rhythm Section - Open drum circle
11:40am Duo2O - A couple of fun folk jammers
12:00pm Lodi - Honored guest returns after a 12-year absence from way-south Texas
12:55pm Announcements
1:00pm Revolver - A Park County favorite
1:55pm Announcements
2:00pm Brown Bottle Fever - It's never too early to get the party started. From St. Louis.
2:55pm Announcements
3:00pm Bottoms Up Blues Gang - From St. Louis town. Don't miss this show.
3:50pm Michael Pilgermayer - From Pennsylvania. He gonna sing a few songs.
3:55pm Announcements
4:00pm Dean Misantoni - Some people like him, some people love him.
4:55pm Announcements
5:00pm Mike Rawles and Friends - Hour of Power with his All-Star Alma Band

*** Schedule subject to minor changes. More updates soon! See you there!

Sound and light provided by Colorado Central Sound Company.

For more information call the Alma Town Hall at (719) 836-2712.

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