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The Alma Foundation's
Tenth Annual Festival In The Clouds
Alma, Colorado

Saturday & Sunday, July 21 - 22, 2007

Continuous Live Music
Fine Arts & Handmade Crafts
Gems & Minerals
Delicious Food & Drink

Updates coming soon. Once again a great time is brewing.


Saturday, July 21, 2007
10:00am Chuck Pierce -- Star Spangled Banner
10:15am Julian and Dave -- The original festival's openers
11:00am The O'Smiths -- A sweet blend of classical and folk music
12:00pm Steve Weeks -- National touring children's musician
12:40pm Josh Galvin -- Rocky Mountain singer-songwriter
1:00pm The Matt Cole Project -- Alma's ambassador of drums
2:00pm Dean Station -- Touring two-piece bluegrass band
2:45pm The Darn Thirsty Cowboys -- Delta Blues
3:30pm Sight Unseen -- Rockin' Youth from the High Country. Don't miss.
4:15pm Alma Foundation Announcements
4:30pm Jimbo Merrill -- The saddest assortment of songs from central New Mexico, and some happy ones too
5:30pm Lojo Russo -- Long-time crowd favorite, on tour and back in Alma
6:30pm Ribalsa -- Every year amazing muscianship from Durango
7:45pm Guy of Iron -- Tells you how it is
8:05pm Moose Knuckle -- Jr and crew will rock hard by the river
9:00pm Guy of Iron -- Tells you how it's going to be
9:15pm Strive Roots -- Original white boy reggae on tour from California

Sunday, July 22, 2007
10:00am Michael Dean Royer -- Smooth and soothing music belies the inner torment of his tortured soul
10:45am Jimbo Merrill -- Sage songs on Sunday morning
11:00am Dylon's Band -- Rockin' high-schoolers from South Park High
11:45am Official Intermissionary Gordon Kinney -- Rips your heart out New Mexico style but you''ll enjoy it anyway
12:45pm Dale Robertson Band -- A nice mix of groovy tunes from the Continental Divide
1:45pm Alma Foundation Announcements
2:00pm The Coyote Gospel -- Awesome six-piece bluegrass band putting on great shows in Colorado this summer. We're very happy they're here, from Aspen
3:00pm TBA
3:15pm The Bottoms Up Blues Gang -- Once again, what can you say, they're great. From St. Louis, Missouri
4:20pm Dean and Co. -- All-time Alma musical icon
5:30pm Ellwood Barrett & the Downhill Blues Band -- Rockin' harmonica blues

*** Schedule subject to minor changes. More updates soon! See you there!

Sound and light provided by Colorado Central Sound Company.

For more information call the Alma Town Hall at (719) 836-2712.

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