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The Alma Foundation's
Ninth Annual Festival In The Clouds
Alma, Colorado

Saturday & Sunday, July 22 - 23, 2006

Continuous Live Music
Fine Arts & Handmade Crafts
Gems & Minerals
Delicious Food & Drink


Saturday, July 22, 2006
10:00 AM Julian Daknis: Singer songwriter from Alma.
11:00 AM Crispi Nation: Highly-rated late addition to this year's show.
12:00 PM Steve Weeks: Nationally acclaimed children's musician.
12:50 PM Jimbo and Gordon: Travelling troubadors from Rio Rancho, New Mexico.
1:45 PM Lojo Russo: One of the most popular performers ever.
2:45 PM Trevor G. Potter and friends: Country folk. Got rained out last year.
3:45 PM Announcements with Emcee Bruce Plasket
4:00 PM 500 Funk Express: Funky, funky, funky, funky, funky band from Colorado Springs.
5:00 PM Mary Fagan: One of North Carolina's sweetest singers
5:50 PM TBA
6:00 PM Backwoods Revue: Hula hoops gone wild.
6:50 PM TBA
7:10 PM Strive Roots: They're coming back!
8:15 PM Emcee Bruce Plasket examines the human condition and your girlfriend's chest.
8:30 PM M Theory: Stellar show last year. Returning from Durango, Colorado.
9:20 PM TBA
9:30 PM Seventh Hour: A special treat from Aspen, Colorado

Sunday, July 23, 2006
9:00 AM Drum Circle: Spiritual awakening and hangover remedy.
 10:00 AM Terry Cannon & Moose: Acoustic delta blues.and spiritual revival.
11:00 AM Who's Driving?: Enviable skills in songwriting and performance.
12:00 PM Sugarhouse: Hula hoops start up again.
12:50 PM TBA
 1:00 PM The Plum: Jazz poetry with Maria.
1:50 PM TBA
2:00 PM Bottom's Up Blues Gang: Shikkaboom from St Louis. Crowd favorite, no doubt.
2:55 PM Emcee Bruce Plasket
3:00 PM Gilded Splinters: Sonic rock show.
3:50 PM Emcee Bruce Plasket
4:00 PM Dean and Company - Bluegrass - Alma, Colorado. Local heroes for a good reason.

*** One-song sets with Patti Best, Chuck Pierce, Josh Galvin, Ryan, Guy of Iron, and maybe others. Schedule is current as of May 30, 2006. Schedule subject to minor changes. More updates soon! See you there!

Last call for beer and wine: Saturday 9:00PM and Sunday 6:00PM.

Sound and light by Colorado Central Sound Company with Carrey and Leo and help from Doug Pintar. 

For more information call the Alma Town Hall at (719) 836-2712.

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