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What's Wrong with American Idol?: Four Music Business Experts Say the Popular Talent Show Is Misleading Tens of Thousands of Aspiring Musicians ... and the Public at Large

Extra! Extra! Read All About You!:  What the hell is a press kit? It's your demo, photo, and bio. Who needs a press kit? You do. Also known as a promo package, a press kit will open doors to a record deal, gigs, and press interviews.

Career Strategies That Work And Don't Work: One Musician's Practical Perspective

Marianne Kesler Gives Away The Perfect Christmas iPod Gift: Singer/songwriter Marianne Kesler is making her latest release "A Christmas Song" available online for free.

Smoochy was Right - An Artist Indictment of Clear Channel: Over the last few years, as my band faded from the press and as we tried to find a label crazy enough to release another one of our records, I watched radio become exactly what Pete Townsend said it would become i

Tips for Clearing Music for Television and Motion Pictures: Music licensing offers ancillary income in a music business that lately has seen decreases in sales of recorded product.

Digitizing The Record Industry: Retail Realities & the Road to Profits

Ella Blame Duo: Top 40 - from the Future and Outer Space. Full of blood and soul. And madness. Off-kilter, 4:00 A.M. raw, dark-night-of-the-soul madness. The CD is a perfect blend of unique music to unique vocals.

Has Gaz Reynolds Gone All Religious On Us?: Following on from his massive hits 'In This House' ( ) & 'Electric Kama Sutra' ( ), Gaz Reynolds returns with a great new CD single called 'On Holy Ground' taken from his forthcoming album 'Orgazmic'.

Glideascope - Audio Cinematography: When trance meets soundtrack, a Glideascope occurs, that child of a happy home which has the unique ability to run and play in the street while at the same time sitting comfortably and listening to Handel without the aid of a record player.

event Review: NARIP Presentation - Publishing Hit Songs: Alan Melina Reveals the Secrets Behind 500,000,000 in Record Sales

Hungry Lucy: Synthesizers and Fairy Tales: The spectral remnant of a Civil War woman, Hungry Lucy had died of scarlet fever waiting for her lover, Alfred, to come home after the war, and in her delirium, she didn't realize she had died.

Miles Electric A Different Kind Of Blue: "It takes courage to leave all your security blankets behind and jump without a blanket" -- Carlos Santana on Miles Davis.

Using Peer-to-Peer to Launch a Career: How The G-Man Got Played, Got Signed, Got a Publisher, Got on iTunes. . . all by Giving His Music Away For Free.

Music Performing Rights in Broadcasting, Part 1: Introduction

Music Performing Rights in Broadcasting, Part 2: The Performance Right and its Enforcement.

Music Performing Rights in Broadcasting, Part 3: Blanket Licensing and Consent Decrees

Music Performing Rights in Broadcasting, Part 4: Performance Rights and Antitrust.

Radio, Radio: Planning to send your new single to your local Power or Hot station to get radio airplay? Think again.

The Cover Song Quagmire: Three Ways to Obtain Mechanical Licenses for Legally Recording/Distributing Cover Versions on CDs.

How to Get Targeted Traffic To Your Music Website With No Money Down: An artist website that sits in cyberspace and gets visited only after bands mention their web address on stage is a website that is not utilizing the Internet's full potential.

Financial Management for Musicians' Author Offers Tax Tips, Part I:

Financial Management for Musicians' Author Offers Tax Tips, Part II:

The Lyricist Brings Simplicity To Songwriting: Interview with Virtual Studio System founder Eddie Imbriano

Your CD Cover is Your Best Ad For Your Music: Your cover is your calling card to the record industry and to the well you design it and the other graphics for your release could well determine your success or failure as a musician.


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